Lunch Buffet @ The Seafood International Market and Restaurant

We dined at The Seafood International Market and Restaurant last Friday because we saw this promotion while searching for a place to have lunch. I think it has been around for quite some time.

Seafood International Market

The prices seemed to be quite reasonable, so we walked in to have our lunch. We were seated in the east wing, facing the sea. There were 10 dishes which were limited to one serving, and the rest of the 40 dishes were unlimited servings.

This is the deep fried fish skin (unlimited) and braised shark fin soup (one serving only). Fish Skin was crispy but the soup was a little cold.


Mini Abalone with Oyster Sauce (one serving only). One for each of us. 😐 It was cold when served.


“Hae Zou” (unlimited). 2 each. This is nice, my kids love it.


Deep fried crispy beancurd with mayo sauce (unlimited). Requested by Jayson and I think he ate most of it.


Pan-fried carrot cake with Fresh Scallop in XO Chilli Sauce (one serving only). Carrot cake was warm, and there’s only one scallop!


Drunken Chicken (unlimited). Lots of bone and meat not tender at all.


Poached Boiled Live Prawns with Hua Diao Wine (one serving only). 6 prawns in the bowl. 2 each for adults and 1 each for children. I felt cheated when they served this. 😛 Oh, and it’s cold too.


Fried Rice with Spring Onion and Egg (unlimited). Plain rice tastes much better than this! This is Rice and Oil with Spring Onion!


Black Fungus in Aged Vinegar (unlimited). I didn’t try this, but Jayden likes it.


Steamed Fresh Scallop with Thai Curry Sauce (one serving only). This one is quite nice. 8 pieces, which means 2 each! lol


Golden Calamari Strips (unlimited). Soggy. Cold. Not Golden.


Crispy-fried Fish Fillet with Chicken Floss in Thousand Island Sauce (unlimited serving). This is nice, and I think they just cooked it. So it’s hot.


Crispy-fried Soft Shell Crab (one serving only). I think I forgot to eat this. Or maybe I was too angry with the SLOW serving to eat.


Deep fried Lobster with Orange Portuguese Salad Dressing (one serving only). This dish took 2 hours to come. 2 HOURS! omg, I checked with them like 4 times and they kept telling me that it’s coming. Were they hoping that I’ll say – please cancel it?


Wok Fried Sliced Whelk with XO chilli sauce (one serving only). This is nice but too spicy for me.


Random stuff from their self-service corner near the entrance.




We spent 2 hours in the restaurant. The food was served slowly by unhappy people who tend to drop plates on the table as if they were playing Diner Dash. Our total bill added up to about $148, including GST and Service charge. It is considered cheap for the wide spread of food but I seriously don’t like my food to be cold and I also don’t like to wait for so long.

If you ask me if I will go back again, I will say NO. I rather go to the hawker center and order seafood soup.

SG50 Hello Kitty Mcdonald’s Order Day

Today is the day you can log in to Mcdonald’s Online to place your order for the SG50 Hello Kitty Set. Did you manage to get your set?

I went to their page at exactly 11 am, and while being redirected to the payment page, IT WENT OUT OF STOCK…. wahhhhh….. damn pissed. But I just went back to the page again, and stock is now available! What is wrong with the system? Did they restock due to complains over the hotline? Anyway, I happily ordered one set 😀 Yay!


LEGO Mr Gold

Which is the real LEGO Mr Gold?

“Mr. Gold is a 71001 Minifigures Series 10 minifigure released in 2013. He is extremely rare, due to only 5000 being made.” 
from Brickipedia, the LEGO Wiki

“I dare say it’s your lucky day!”
―Mr. Gold

LEGO Mr Gold

The real Mr Gold is the one on the right. The one of the left is custom Mr Gold, which my hubby bought from the US. He is one of the lucky 5000 to get the real Mr Gold. :) He recently found a girlfriend for Mr Gold… Let’s wish for a happy ending.

Mr Gold & Ms Gold

Saying NO to iPhone and iPad at the table

Saying NO to iPhone and iPad at the table

A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with my family at a restaurant. Throughout the entire dinner, I was observing every family seated near to us.

There was a little girl around the age of 2 years old sitting on my far right. The maid was busy feeding her while the parents looked very busy with their food and phone. The little girl started fidgeting and whining after a while. The first thing the mom did was to close some apps on her phone and then placed the phone in front of her kid. The girl stopped fidgeting and screaming immediately.

At the opposite table, communication is almost nonexistent. The family of 4 were looking at their own phone. From the start to the end of their meal.

Halfway through our dinner, a family of 5 sat down on our left. The father took out an iPad mini from his bag and placed it on the table. He made a few quick swipes on the iPad and placed it in front of his younger kids. After that, he handed his own phone to older one.

Since that day, I will observe almost every family when I have my meals outside. The common scenarios when you see a family with children are:

Kids and Technology

or even this


To be honest, my kids used to be the same when they were 3 and 5 years old. It was the easiest way to get them to sit down, to keep quiet while I order and then to remain seated so that I can finish up my meal. I used to bring my extra iPhone around in my bag so that I can pass it to them and retain my sanity.

Things changed after a while. They started demanding for the iPhone the moment we enter the restaurant. It was madness trying to get them to give me back the phone when the food was served. They even rushed through their food so that they can have their hands on the phone again.

I began to wonder if they even knew what they were eating, where they were at and what the occasion was. Imagine being at a birthday lunch and all they can think about were their games and not about giving birthday wishes, or at a Chinese New Year dinner and not bothered about wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year. It was at that point of time that I decided to put it to a stop.

It was tough. For the first few weeks, I had to go out with a bigger bag, with books and toys to keep them entertained. The first thing I had to do every time was to get the books out on the table to make them stay seated. Whenever they asked for my phone, I will say “No, please read your book.” When they get bored with the books, I will bring out the toys.

I also interact with them a lot throughout the meal. Ask them what they would like to have for lunch/dinner. Ask them what they did in school. Ask them about their favorite book or toy.

The key is to be consistent.
Do not give in to them.
Do not take the easy way out.
Set a good example: Keep MY OWN device.

I saw the change in about a month. They will sit down and wait. And instead of reaching for books in my bag, the first book I reached for was the menu. It was really felt a great sense of achievement.

My kids are 8 and 10 years old now. Whenever we have our meals outside, they will order their own food, and while waiting for food to be served, we will chat. My phone is still on the table, and I am one of those who snaps pictures of food when it is served. My kids hate this habit of mine and because of the way I taught them to be, they are now the ones saying “Mama, please keep your device.

SG50 Hello Kitty is at Mcdonald’s!

SG50 Hello Kitty collectibles soft toys are here, at Mcdonald’s! 😀 Yay! I can add on to my Hello Kitty Collection!

sg50 hello kitty mcdonalds

It will be in stores from 27 July, 11am onwards, at $5 each with every purchase of Extra Value Meal (limited to 4 per customer, per store). But if you just want the toy, just tell them to donate the EVM in the form of voucher to The Food Bank Singapore.

sg50 hello kitty mcdonalds

There are a total of 6 designs (Left to right/Top to Bottom):- Durian Lover, Orchid Lover, Samsui Woman, SG50 Parade, Mcdonald’s crew, and Trishaw Uncle. The McDonald’s crew Hello Kitty is limited edition!! And I think the durian one is really cute! 我要吃榴莲!

But I’m not going to go queue for it. Why queue when you can just go to (from 20th July, 11am) to order (but limited to 3 sets) and get it delivered to your house? Each set costs $80 (inclusive of GST and delivery), and it comes with 6 extra value meal vouchers, paper standees, 6 Hello Kitty cards and a Limited Edition Singapore landscape booklet.

I used the online ordering system for the LINE characters set last time. It’s so much easier and stress free and it came fitted nicely in a box. No need to go down to McDonald’s and then worry about it being out of stock while queueing. So, put it down in your calendar now :-

20th July Log on to the Mcdonald’s website to place order.