I survived

School reopened on Monday.

I no longer wake up at 9am and have no more luxury of lazing in bed. I had been in constant battles with my alarm clocks. Yes, clockS. It’s funny how it kept on ringing no matter what I do. I had to drag myself out of bed every morning to get things done and then bring the kids to school.

But hey, it’s finally FRIDAY.
I survived 5 days! Hello SATURDAY!

Prawn Fishing @ ORTO

Hubby and I used to go prawning ….. a lot. We sort of stopped going after Jayden was born. We did drop by Pasir Ris to fish a few times last year since they were already 9 and 7 years old… but we always had a problem with meals. *nothing to eat at Pasir Ris lah* And the fans were not strong enough. So this time, we decided to check out ORTO.


The photo below is the pond where the put the 大头虾.


Both waiting patiently for the prawn to bite on the bait….



but… no business leh.. so we changed to the pond behind us.


Jayden managed to get one within 3 mins. Smaller prawns are easier to catch.


So we waited and waited. We managed to catch 14 of them at the end of THREE hours….. :/ so little… But I find it to be a very good activity to train kids to be patient.


We went for lunch at SGMY, which is located just beside the pond. VERY CONVENIENT. The food tasted pretty alright and portion is very generous.

Fried Prawn Noodles $5.90


Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken $8.90


I ordered the Chirpy Fun Set and Beary Fun Set kids meal, priced at $6.90 each and it comes with a free Jelly. Cheap cheap leh! Anyway, there’s supposed to be another piece of chunky chicken in the photo below…. I think Jayson was too hungry.




Is that the missing chunky chicken on Jayson’s fork??


Additional dish for dinner today :P


The kids had fun prawning today :)

Information about ORTO:
81 Lorong Chencharu #01-01
Singapore 769198
Parking is free.

Charges for Freshwater Prawning:
$20 – 1 hour; $30 – 2 hours; $36 – 3 hours; $108 – 10 hours

Please click here to find out more: ORTO.SG

Ice Edge Cafe @ Kovan Road

After seeing my sister post up photos of waffles at Ice Edge Cafe, I decided to bring my kids there for lunch. Parking was relatively easy as I reached there before lunch time (Ice Edge Cafe opens at 12noon). There are about 20 parallel parking along the road outside Simon Plaza. (I ran out of coupons today and really thankful I managed to find someone who sold me 2 x $0.50 coupon. Thank you!)


The cafe is quite big and spacious, with their own washroom. My kids and I were seated comfortably in a booth. The 1-for-1 lunch deal didn’t really suit me, but I went ahead to order 2 adult meals and 1 kids meal.


This is my Ice Latte Mocha ($6.50) and Jayden’s Ice Chocolate ($6.50)


I think the Ice Chocolate must be very nice, because he finished it even before his food was served. Thankfully they have free flow of iced water near our table.


This is Jayson’s Hot Chocolate ($5.50), which came with 2 pretty heart marshmallows. It went into Jayden’s mouth after I snapped this photo.


Bacon & Ham Tomato Spaghetti – Kids, $9.50
Somehow I was expecting a bigger portion for this price. Didn’t really see much bacon in it. Perhaps it’s just the 2 bigger slice of ham on top.


Fish N Chips – $14.80 (FOC : 1-for-1)
Rather thick and oily coating of skin over the fish. I think a normal kopitiam’s western food will taste better. I removed all the skin and put it aside.


Pork Loin – $18.80
Didn’t really look appetizing, I scooped away all the mashed potatoes and gave it to Jayson. Took a few bites of the vegetable and shared the pork with the kids. I think they need to do something about the plates as well. The edges of the plate were stained. Perhaps time for a change of plates? or some scrubbing?


Mao Shan Wang Lava Cake with Rocher Gelato – $14.80.
I was expecting lots of molten durian paste to flow out. But i think all i got was half a teaspoon worth and it didn’t really taste like Mao Shan Wang durians. Rather disappointed with it. The Rocher Gelato was ok. At least it didn’t melt as fast as the gelato at Pick Me Up.


2 Scoop Gelato Pancake – $16.80
This is the hot favourite. The tiny pancakes are nice. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Really fun bite-size pancakes for kids. I chose strawberry gelato and rock melon gelato. The rock melon gelato is fantastic! Tasted like the real fruit.


There is no 10% service charge over at Ice Edge, but my table was constantly cleared of plates by non-smiling staff. However, I don’t think I’ll head back for their main food anytime soon, maybe just for their gelato if I’m in the mood.


For those who are interested in going…

Ice Edge Cafe
2 Kovan Road Simon Plaza
Singapore 540008
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm – 12 midnight

Tel: 6858 5729
You can call to make reservations.

Pick Me Up Cafe @ Parkland Green

After the movie, we were not really hungry, and we didn’t want to have a full meal.. so i did a search online to see if there are any waffles/ice-cream cafe around.. the search brought me to a cafe at Parkland Green (East Coast Park). There is ample parking available here, just perhaps, not enough trees to shade the cars in the afternoon.

pickmeup1The Pick Me Up Cafe is just beside Tag Team Inc. They have outside seating area which faces a big field, and the cafe has a small play area for the kids. Seems like a great place for families with young kids.


They serve all-day breakfast, dessert, yogurt gelato, waffles, cold-pressed juices, muffins, pizzas, and much more.



The place is clean and spacious, the air conditioning is good and the staff are cheerful. We were there at about 2pm, just when the lunch crowd were leaving, and we had a quiet cafe to ourselves.






Our food came in about 10 mins. This is “The Hippie” ($15.90), topped with fresh banana slices, crushed peanuts, salted caramel gelato and organic maple syrup.


This is “The Manuka” ($17.00), buttermilk waffle topped with Greek yogurt gelato, organic honeycomb, bananas, strawberries and manuka honey.


I feel that the banana wasn’t sweet enough and the waffle was overall soft. But it could be due to the fact that I was busy dividing the waffles into 4 plates, and when I finally get to eat it, half the gelato melted. The honeycomb on “The Manuka” is good but i didn’t like the taste of the greek yogurt gelato… so i gave it all to my kids.. (they very happy lor!) We also ordered Mango Magic ($7.90) smoothie and a juice named “Beautify” ($8.90).



Pick Me Up Cafe is a nice place to go if you are around the area. I will definitely go back to try out their breakfast menu and other gelato flavours.